Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Harlan County War

Just picked this offa Netflix. This was a Showtime movie made in 2000 or so, based off of Harlan County, USA, starring Holly Hunter. If you happen to come across it, I don't recommend wasting your time watching it. Most of the movie is all right, but it's really not as good as the documentary, and Holly Hunter is horrible. I couldn't understand a word she was saying, the dialect is so thick. If anything, it's a lesson on how thick NOT to make your dialect, and how important it is to use your neck and mouth muscles to enunciate this Kentucky way of speaking. You can see how tense her mouth and neck are in the film when she speaks, and all of her words hit right behind her front teeth, giving her a "shhh" sound. Its like if you spoke without moving your jaw and saying "shhhh" all at once. Frustrating as hell.
Anyway, steer clear, if you ask me.

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