Friday, August 24, 2007

Would you sit through a six-hour play?

"Our culture may be defined by the soundbite and the text message but it seems we like our books, films and plays to be of epic proportions."

British playwright Mark Ravenhill blogs about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and observations about the recently announced revival of Nicholas Nickleby, originally produced in 1980. (The grandfather of the contemporary epics. Leading the way for The Kentucky Cycle, Angels in America and, even, The Coast of Utopia.)

Would you sit through a six-hour play?


Julie Levene said...

This sentence from the article says it all, I think: "We want to slow down, to get lost in another world, to gradually see the rules and patterns of that world emerge, to have time to reflect upon it and what it reveals about ourselves and our own lives."

Brett said...

Great article, but could have done without that seeing the photo at the very beginning.